About Hai Son Foods


Hai Son Foods company was established from 2015 as vision from upgraded management generation  from VN Seafood Company operated in seafood industries business since 2001.

Our core values are Performance, High quality & Sustainability, Customer Relationship.
Hai Son Foods Company heritage value of qualities, processing systems  and exporting registration  from VN Seafoods Company approved by Vietnam Authority as well as many markets over the world.
Our  company  effectively  invested  in  processing  equipments  and  machines  to  improve  quality  by  automation day by day and keep upgrading our system.

We  found  our  inspiration  hand  in  hand  working  with  customers  to  improve  Design  and  Products  Performance to attract consumers and dominate in our own market. Our Stand, we work to build a  long‐ term partnership with mutual benefit.